Hire Side Kick as your first, non-human, sales team member.Side Kick is a sales bot. Custom-built from scratch for you. Keeping in mind your ideal customer profile, buyer personas, buying signals and more.

Side Kicks are sales bots. Custom-built to automate your unique sales process.

Hire/train/manage/retain fewer junior sales professionals. Automate what you can!

Problems addressed by your Side Kick

Large addressable market

Your sales bandwidth is too small for your market. You need to effiently identify the 3% active buyers to fill your pipeline with qualified opportunities.

Every day, your Side Kick goes out in the digital verse and adds hundreds of prospects to your sales pipeline. Automatically. With zero manual intervention from your side.Whether you work, sleep or play, Side Kick just keeps on working. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Hiring junior sales team members is painful. Training, managing and retaining them is even more painful. Your Side Kick needs none of that! She works right out of the box. And can be scaled up and down instantly.Your Side Kick will also get more work done. And cost you less than hiring a human sales team member.


1. Identify companies

Your Side Kick starts every day by automatically identifying the right companies to target. She can use firmographic data, technographic data, fundraising data or jobs data as signals - To select only those companies that precisely meet your ideal customer profile.

2. Identify Prospects

Next, your Side Kick identifies 100 decision makers at the shortlisted companies. She uses LinkedIn, Sales Navigator or custom scripts to hand pick individuals based on their titles, functions, seniority and keywords.

3. Find Emails

Side Kick then goes on to automatically find emails for the shortlisted prospects. She uses a custom email script and multiple data tools like People Data Labs, Seamless, Drop Contact and Apollo to identify the perfect valid email. She also double validates all emails using Debounce.

4. Upload to CRM

Your Side Kick then checks your CRM for duplicates. And uploads the new prospects to your CRM. Side Kicks today work with Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho and Pipedrive. But they can be customised to work with any CRM of your choice.

5. Send Email Sequences

Lastly, your Side Kick automatically enrols each prospect into an email sequence that you created.


When someone replies back to an email. Or clicks on a link to block time on your calendar - This is where your human sales team first steps in.Regardless of how strong or weak your they are, your Side Kick will make sure your pipeline keeps growing.

Better than hiring junior sales professionals

Side Kicks start at a monthly salary of $2,275 $1,975.She will add 2,500 perfectly matched prospects into your pipeline each month. And will build and maintain the email infrastructure to actually reach primary inboxes. All deliverables can be scaled up to any number you desire at an additional cost.You simply sit back and wait for the active buyers to make themselves known. And focus all your sales bandwidth on only them.

Schedule a Consult

The next step is to get on a 30 minute Q&A call to help us understand your sales process. If you hire Side Kick as your first, non-human, sales team member, we will need 10 working days to build + test Side Kick as per your needs.

Side Kick is a Nexta company. Nexta is an Indian B2B demand generation agency. We have supported the top of the sales funnel for large companies like HP, JBL, Dyson. And for nimble, growth-stage, startups like Exotel, Rocketium, Wobot.
Side Kick, starting April 2022, is our attempt to productize our service.

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